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“Team work” /「チームワーク」



Today I met with a japanese student studying a university at San Jose as an foreign student.


It was so interesting. He is highly motivated and get a decent result worthing with his effort.

“I am interested in starting biz because I like it”.

I and my friend totally agree with his opinion.

Absolutely Yes, “I do this because I like it.”


It was awesome anyway.


The “team work” that is a thema of this post was also the point we symphasized.

In terms of experience and skill, Team Work is totally important. If you get good team members to create something new, the process is so fun and the result likely to be awesome. so I recognized the perspective to assess the people right way and optimizing the team work is the must through practical learning.


Good communication generate good service and product.


Here, it is so weight network with each other and I can likely say yes, Innovation is sure to be coming from here.


“Team Working”

The simple word, but the critical reason for the innovation.

















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